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Victorio® Cherry Stoner Gasket

Victorio® Cherry Stoner Gasket

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Genuine Victorio Kitchen Products replacement Cherry Stoner Gasket, VKP1009-5. This will fit the Victorio cherry stoner, and most older cherry stoners where the gasket was rubber or leather. The cherry stoner gasket can work as a replacement on the Victorio VKP1009 stoner & the Back to Basics 63 stoner.
The Cherry stoner gasket holds the cherry up, while the pit goes through the "x" portion of the gasket. If your gasket shows signs of wear, such as tears or it is dried out it should be replaced. If your stoner is not pitting the cherries or the cherries are falling through into the pit container, you need to replace the gasket, VKP1009-5.
Can work in place of:
  • Victorio Kitchen Products VKP1009 gasket, part number VKP1009-5
  • Back to Basics 63 gasket, part number U16-72 or 63-7