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Brushtech Two Pronged Cleaning Brush - B269C

Brushtech Two Pronged Cleaning Brush - B269C

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With this genuine Brushtech 2-pronged cleaning brush you can easily remove dust from pipes, radiators, railings, and even those difficult stair spindles and Balusters!

It?s easy to get any cleaning job done with the right tool, using this 2 pronged cleaning brush will not only make cleaning pipes and radiators a breeze, it works perfectly to dust stair spindles, balusters and hand rails, this brush easily gets in every groove and quickly removes dust all around the object! You can clean all the difficult items to dust in your whole house with just a few swift movements! Dusting can be quite a chore, this brush is specifically designed to clean pipes and handrails in an easy swift motion to save you time!

This brush is made in the USA, and has a strong, sturdy construction. The two pronged brush has two separate brushes attached to a long plastic handle. The brushes are both 8" long and connect at the handle, The brushes flex to fit most pipes, stair spindles or handles in between the brushes, with one easy swoop you can remove dust and debris! The bristles on the brush are stiff but plastic, this is good to remove dust, but makes the brush safe to use on wood or metal items. Handle to end of brush is 18" in length, has attached string, so it can be stored on a hook.

Features and Benefits:
  • Safe on wood or metal surfaces
  • Dusts pipes & radiators
  • Dusts Stair Railings and Spindles
  • Made in USA