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Squirt Guard Gasket - Discontinued

Squirt Guard Gasket - DiscontinuedThis item has been discontinued but can be eliminated with a new Squirt Guard, 1951-11

This squirt guard gasket has been discontinued, it was used on some Victorio Model 200 strainers, the Back to Basics 200 and all of the Universal Model 800 strainers. This gasket fit between the strainer body and the plastic squirt guard to prevent leakage due to the squirt guard not fitting around the entire screen. The new squirt guard, 1951-11, will replace the squirt guard gasket, old squirt guard and the squirt guard mounting screw. The new squirt guard fits all the way around the screen, from the collar end that connects to the food strainer body, all the way to the end where the screen flares out, the new squirt guard has a cutout for the wingnuts of the screen, and will work for all Victorio Model 200, Back to Basics 200, and Universal 800 food strainers, to order the new squirt guard CLICK HERE