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MicroFlex Replacement Blades SP-25

MicroFlex Replacement Blades SP-25

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Don't let your electric shaver get out of shape! Maintain it in proper working condition by replacing the blades and foils. Replacing the shaver blades on your Remington Electric Razor is well worth the money. The Heads and Cutters are machined to strict tolerances to give the best shave. These new heads will give you a closer more comfortable shave in a shorter ammount of time than your old blades. You should replace the heads and cutters on your shaver about every 6 months to a year depending on how often you shave.

These Replacement Shaver Blades only fit the following models.
  • R-200
  • R-225
  • R-400
  • R-425
  • R-450
  • WR-5000