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Mirro Over Pressure Plug - Bolt Style

Mirro Over Pressure Plug - Bolt Style

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This Mirro over pressure plug directly replaces a worn or blown-out plug. It fits all Mirro pressure cookers that have a screw-in bolt style plug. This part has a rubber insert, which is safer than the older all-metal plugs previously used by Mirro. This over pressure plug fits the following Mirro pressure cooker / canner models: M0534, M0536, M0598, M0512, M0522, M0292, M0392, M0404-37, M0404-39, M0404-50, M0592, M0294-35, M0294-37, M0294-39, M0294-50, M0394, M0494-35, M0494-37, M0594, M0594-35, M0594-37, M0404-35, M0296-35, M0296-37, M0296-39, M0296-50, M0396, M0596, M0596-35, M0436-35, M0436-37, M0398, M0498-35, M0312-35, M0526, M406, M0622 and M0596-37. If you are unsure which over pressure plug you need, please refer to our Mirro Parts List. MI-9888 REPLACES S-9888