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Brushtech Mini Drain Snake - B82C

Brushtech Mini Drain Snake - B82C

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Easily unclog sinks and bathtubs with this mini drain snake by Brushtech!

This snake is 27? long, with a 4? plastic handle, it is specifically designed to free most clogs in drains, and save you space! You can avoid the hassle of digging out your large drain snake, and use the mini drain snake instead! At only 31? total length the snake will unclog most drains and save you space and time.

99% of clogs lie within 2 feet from your sink, bathtub or toilet, this mini snake has a flexible shaft, and a circular scraper with a sharp leading edge that will cut through most dirt, goo and debris. The circular scraper will clear through all opening ? and larger. Also works great to unclog vacuums, grill venture tubs, and RV water heaters and ranges.

Features and Benefits:
  • Will unclog 99% of clogged drains
  • Easy to Store
  • Made in USA