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Power Wheels Mustang Left Wheel - J4390-2279

Power Wheels Mustang Left Wheel - J4390-2279

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Power Wheels Mustang Left Wheel - J4390-2279

Genuine Power Wheels Ford Mustang Left wheels, J4390-2279, will fit on ALL Power Wheels 12 Volt Mustangs. The J4390-2279 wheels are black plastic tires made by Fisher Price. These wheels are in New, Unused condition and are original Power Wheels parts.

The J4390-2279 Power Wheels replacement tires are approximately 5 1/2" wide and 12" in diameter. This is the left tire replacement for All models of Power Wheel's Ford Mustang vehicles and All Power Wheels Boss Mustang vehicles. The Wheels are the same front and back on these vehicles, but have a different tread pattern for the left/right wheels. These wheels are sold individually, each will includes one push nut retainer cap for installation. The hubcap, rear wheel driver and front wheel bushing for this wheel are shown below, under the related items.

Will fit the following Power Wheels models:
  • J4390 Ford Mustang (Red)
  • J9561 Ford Mustang Blue TRU
  • J9562 Ford Mustang Pearl TRU
  • L6349 Barbie Ford Mustang
  • P5920 Boys Mustang Restage
  • P6827 Girls Ford Mustang
  • P8195 Boys Mustang
  • P8812 Barbie Mustang
  • W9257 Boss Mustang
  • Y8208 Orange Boss Mustang
If you are uncertain of the correct wheels for your vehicle, you will need to get the model # of your vehicle (found on a sticker, usually in the battery compartment) and refer to our Power Wheels diagrams section.