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Refrigerator Parts

The Mending Shed is Utah Countys largest source for major appliance parts.

Our Major Appliance section is currently under construction, only a very small portion of the items we stock are listed online. If you do not see what you are looking for, please call us, we probably have it in stock!

Crisper Covers
Door Parts & Shelves
Evaporative Motors
Ice Makers
Water Filters
Water Valves
Crisper Pan
Water Level Switch
GE Refrigerator Light Switch
Condenser Fan Motor Kit
GE Fridge Control Board
Damper Control
3-IN-1 Hard Start Kit
Refrigerator Defrost Timers
Kickplate Clip
Lower Pin
Light Bulb
Whirlpool Thermostat
Screw Cover, White
Screw Cover, Black
Water Tube Bracket
Water Filter Cap White
Foot & Pad Assembly
Condenser Motor
Freezer Key
Plastic Freezer Key
Handle End Cap
Grille Clip
Condenser Motor
Compression Nut 1/4"
Defrost Heater
Knob - White
Auger Nut / Bushing Plastic
Defrost Heater and Bracket
Evaporator Fan Blade
Evaporator Fan Blade Assembly
Fan Blade
Thermal Limiter
Air Cleaner Filter Assembly
Water Leakage Kit
Defrost Heater and Bracket