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Fire Rescue Jeep B0155 - 2003-2005

Fire Rescue Jeep B0155  -  2003-2005
Fig #Part #ImgPart NameAvailabilityPriceQty
100801-0638Power Wheels 12V Gray BatteryPower Wheels 12V Gray Batteryin stock$60.95
200801-1778Power Wheels 12V Battery ChargerPower Wheels 12V Battery Chargerout of stock$25.95
3powwheelmotgMotor GearboxesMotor GearboxesOut of Stock$0.00
4powwheelmotgMotor GearboxesMotor GearboxesOut of Stock$0.00
5powwheelmotgMotor GearboxesMotor GearboxesOut of Stock$0.00
6Service Center OnlyService Center OnlyOut of Stock$0.00
774310-9239Power Wheels Jeep Shifter AssemblyPower Wheels Jeep Shifter Assemblyin stock$13.95
8NLANLAOut of Stock$0.00
9NLANLAOut of Stock$0.00
15NLANLAOut of Stock$0.00
16NLANLAOut of Stock$0.00
17NLANLAOut of Stock$0.00
19NLANLAOut of Stock$0.00
20NLANLAOut of Stock$0.00
21NLANLAOut of Stock$0.00
22NLANLAOut of Stock$0.00
2300801-2084Power Wheels 3-Piece Lap Style Seat Belt (Black)Power Wheels 3-Piece Lap Style Seat Belt (Black)in stock$10.95
2574550-2729Power Wheels Steering Wheel Cap (Black) - 74550-2729Power Wheels Steering Wheel Cap (Black) - 74550-2729in stock$2.95
26NLANLAOut of Stock$0.00
2774460-2249Power Wheels Wheel DriverPower Wheels Wheel Driverin stock$4.95
28NLANLAOut of Stock$0.00
2975840-9409Power Wheel Key HousingPower Wheel Key Housingin stock$6.50
30NLANLAOut of Stock$0.00
3174020-9559Silver Hood Latch Power Wheels 74020-9559Silver Hood Latch Power Wheels 74020-9559in stock$3.95
32NLANLAOut of Stock$0.00
33NLANLAOut of Stock$0.00
34NLANLAOut of Stock$0.00
35NLANLAOut of Stock$0.00
36W8675-2449Power Wheels Shovel for Kawasaki Brute ForcePower Wheels Shovel for Kawasaki Brute Forcein stock$12.95
37NLANLAOut of Stock$0.00
38NLANLAOut of Stock$0.00
39NLANLAOut of Stock$0.00
40NLANLAOut of Stock$0.00
41NLANLAOut of Stock$0.00
42NLANLAOut of Stock$0.00
43NLANLAOut of Stock$0.00
44NLANLAOut of Stock$0.00
4500801-1503Power Wheels Plastic Snap-In EmblemPower Wheels Plastic Snap-In Emblemout of stock$1.95
46NLANLAOut of Stock$0.00
550801-0196Axle Washer 0801-0196Axle Washer 0801-0196in stock$1.50
560801-0226Power Wheels Push Nut ".437 Retainer Cap" BlackPower Wheels Push Nut ".437 Retainer Cap" Blackin stock$0.95
570801-02288 x 7/8 Trusshead Screw8 x 7/8 Trusshead Screwin stock$1.95
58NLANLAOut of Stock$0.00
59Special Order ItemSpecial Order ItemOut of Stock$0.00
60NLANLAOut of Stock$0.00
6100801-1620Power Wheels Shaft Retainer - 00801-1620Power Wheels Shaft Retainer - 00801-1620out of stock$0.95
620912-8001Power Wheels #8 X 3/4 in. Screw - 0912-8001Power Wheels #8 X 3/4 in. Screw - 0912-8001in stock$1.50
63NLANLAOut of Stock$0.00
64NLANLAOut of Stock$0.00
6675840-4409Power Wheels Steering Crossbar 75840-4409 (Old #74460-4419)Power Wheels Steering Crossbar 75840-4409 (Old #74460-4419)in stock$6.95
67Special Order ItemSpecial Order ItemOut of Stock$0.00
6874550-2689Power Wheels Round Axle Bushing (74550-2689) for Wheels/TiresPower Wheels Round Axle Bushing (74550-2689) for Wheels/Tiresin stock$3.95
69NLANLAOut of Stock$0.00
70B7659-9419DPower Wheels Steering Linkage - Jeep & Chevy Silverado (Old #74440-9419A) B7659-9419DPower Wheels Steering Linkage - Jeep & Chevy Silverado (Old #74440-9419A) B7659-9419Dout of stock$10.95
71NLANLAOut of Stock$0.00
72NLANLAOut of Stock$0.00
73NLANLAOut of Stock$0.00
74NLANLAOut of Stock$0.00
75NLANLAOut of Stock$0.00

The Fire Rescue Jeep was discontinued in 2005. In 2007 a new model of the Fire Rescue Jeep was produced. Some of the parts from the old model fit the '07 model, however a few differences between the two models exist. In order to get the correct parts for your vehicle you will need to identify the year it was produced and locate which parts you need from the corresponding part diagram, and/ or the service update links above. Please contact us with any questions 1.800.339.9297