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What is Factory Reconditioned?

When you buy a factory reconditioned item, you save big money without compromising functionality. Just like items that you buy at factory outlet stores, factory reconditioned items have returned to the original factory to be re-built. Sometimes first-run products are initially assembled wrong or are damaged in shipping. Other times, and far more rarely, items return to the factory that have been lightly used. The factory rebuilds these items to operate as-new. In the case of personal care items such as shavers, the factory installs all new foils and cutters.

Our suppliers--Norelco, Braun, Remington, KitchenAid and others--stand behind their reconditioned items. All Reconditioned units are backed by a manufacturer's warranty. Many have the same warranty as factory 1st products. You are guaranteed an excellent working product.

In rare cases, factory reconditioned models will have small cosmetic blemishes or imperfections. These imperfections will in no way compromise the operation of your product. Please understand that neither the manufacturer nor us guarantees your satisfaction with the product?s appearance. Be assured, however, that we have never seen a blemish that seriously compromises the appearance of an item.