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Eureka Upright Vacuum Bags - Style F&G FILTER (3-pack)

Eureka Upright Vacuum Bags - Style F&G FILTER (3-pack)

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Eureka Upright Vacuum Bags - Style F&G FILTER (3-pack)

This is a Genuine Eureka replacement 3-pack of filter bags, full bags will cut out the suction of your vacuum and will put back dust into your home?s air; for optimum performance you should change your bag every 1-2 months, or as needed.

These genuine style F&G disposable filter dust bags are used in many Eureka Upright Models, including the 200, 600, 1400, 1900, 2000, 4000 and 5000 series uprights. (excludes series 4300-4600, 5180-5190 and 5700-5800) Eureka upright vacuums will normally have a model number on the back towards the bottom, or in some cases on the bottom of the vacuum.

These are Genuine Eureka Filtaire, Micro lined vacuum bags, which trap 5 times more with the electrostatic microliner & filter out over 99% of pollens, 98% of select bacteria and 95% of all yeast and fungi normally put back into the air after vacuuming with standard bags.

These are Genuine Eureka F&G Filter style disposable dust bags, the will directly replace your old vacuum bags and are original Eureka bags, ordered directly from Eureka. The Eureka style F&G bags are also known by part numbers 57695B, E57695B, 52320A, 54924B, E54924B, 52320B and E52320B, the bags are packaged as a set of three and should be stored in a dry, clean place.