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Dryer Parts

The Mending Shed is Utah Countys largest source for major appliance parts.

Our Major Appliance section is currently under construction, only a very small portion of the items we stock are listed online. If you do not see what you are looking for, please call us, we probably have it in stock!

Dryer Repair/Maintenance Kits
Door Parts
Drum Rollers & Glides
Heating Elements
Fuses & Thermostats
Gas Parts
Cleaning Brushes, Hose & Installation Parts
Dryer Timers
Dryer Cords & Terminal Blocks
Whirlpool Dryer Leveling Leg
Dryer Blower Wheel W/ Clamp
Whirlpool Dryer Rear Drum Seal
High Temperature Adhesive - 2oz Tube
Dishwasher Screw
Whirlpool Sponge - EPD
Brace Cylinder
Dryer Blower Wheel
Light Bulb 10 Watt
Stack Kit
Siphon Break Elbow
Y Hose Connector
Shaft (Left)
Bearing and Seal
Idler Shaft Washer
Leveling Leg
Dryer Two-Piece Split Ring Bearing
Ring Bearing
Dryer Drum Bearing
Lower Basket Felt Seal
Dryer Rear Bearing Kit
Lower Felt Seal with Adhesive
Upper Felt Seal with Adhesive
Blower Housing Assembly
Felt Trap Duct
Bearing Kit
Drum Bearing
Slide Kit
Drum Bearing Kit
Top Bearing
Top Bearing
Dryer Receptacle 3-Wire
3M800 Sealant
Conversion Kit, Nat to Propane
Samsung Dryer Tri-Ring