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Brushtech - Kitchen Sink Disposal Cleaning Brush -B36C

Brushtech - Kitchen Sink Disposal Cleaning Brush -B36C

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This is the perfect Kitchen sink disposal cleaning brush, it will reach places in disposer that your hand or cleaning rags can?t!

It?s easy to get any cleaning job done with the right tool, using this Kitchen Sink Disposal cleaning brush will remove odor causing residues and germs. Food residues can become stuck on the walls and non-moving parts inside kitchen disposals causing odors, this specially designed brush will reach deep into crevices and everywhere in your disposal to clean out residues, bacteria and germs.

This brush is made in the USA, and has a strong, sturdy construction. The brush head is a special designed long brush with a large cleaning head on for scrubbing the corners of your disposal. The brush is 9 1/2? long and the cleaning head is 3 ?? in diameter, with spiraled stiff bristles. The brush is attached to a T shaped handle, which allows for a strop grip, and allows you to rotate the brush with minimum effort. The handle is 2 ? in length, with a hanging string on the end so it can be stored on a hook. The brush is 11 1/2? in length from the handle to the end of the brush.

Features and Benefits:
  • Works with 90% of food disposals
  • Removes odor causing residues
  • Reaches deep, and everywhere to clean out residues, and bacteria
  • Made in USA