Lil Ford F150 Wheel - C3493-2459

Lil Ford F150 Wheel - C3493-2459

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Lil Ford F150 Wheel - C3493-2459Lil Ford F150 Wheel - C3493-2459

Genuine Power Wheels Ford F150 Preschool series wheels, C3493-2459, will fit on most Power Wheels 6 Volt Ford Trucks made since 2004. The C3493-2459 wheels are black plastic tires made by Fisher Price, they will replace the old cracked and worn tires. These wheels are in New, Unused condition and are original Power Wheels parts.

The C3493-2459 Power Wheels replacement tires are approximately 6" wide and 10 1/2" in diameter. This is the front and rear tire replacement for select models of Power Wheel's Lil F150, Ford F-150 Preschool Series and My First Craftsman truck vehicles. These wheels are sold individually, each will includes one push nut retainer cap for installation. The hubcap, rear wheel driver and front wheel bushing for this wheel are shown below, under the related items.

Will fit the following Power Wheels models:
  • C3493 Ford F-150 Preschool Series
  • P5064 Lil Ford F150
  • X0069 Lil F150
If you are uncertain of the correct wheels for your vehicle, you will need to get the model # of your vehicle (found on a sticker, usually in the battery compartment) and refer to our Power Wheels diagrams section.