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Brushtech 21” Barbecue Grill Cleaning Brush – B108C

Brushtech 21” Barbecue Grill Cleaning Brush – B108C

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Save yourself time, easily clean even the most brunt on food, on the largest grill in under a minute with the Brushtech Heavy Duty Wide Faced BBQ Grill Cleaning Brush!

It’s Easy to get any cleaning job done with the right tool; using this Heavy Duty Wide faced BBQ Grill cleaning brush will clean even the biggest grills in less than on minute! This brush will work on both hot and cold grills, the brass high tensile brushes will clean even the messiest burnt mess on grills and the bristles are long lasting!

This brush is made in the USA, and has a heavy duty, strong, sturdy construction. The brush head is a 7” spiraled bristle triangle, the bristles on the brush are stiff, high tensile strength brass bristles, this will provide you a long lasting brush that is even safe to use on porcelain grills! The handle is 9 ½” long and made of durable black plastic, with a hanging string on the end so it can be stored on a hook. The brush is 21” in length from the handle to the brush and lets you apply as much pressure needed to remove burned food and grease from your grill.

Features and Benefits:
  • Cleans grill in under 1 minute
  • Heavy Duty high tensile strength Brass bristles
  • Will not scratch porcelain grills
  • Made in the USA