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Brushtech - Two in One Battery Brush (Terminal and Cable Brush)

Brushtech - Two in One Battery Brush (Terminal and Cable Brush)

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This brush is specifically designed to prevent corrosion of your battery terminals by keeping the terminals and cables clean, corrosion of battery terminals can prevent a car from starting, by using this 2 in 1 battery brush made by Brushtech you can prevent corrosion of battery terminals!

It?s easy to get any cleaning job done with the right tool, using this two-in-one battery brush will not only make cleaning the terminals and cables on your battery easy, you will be extending the life of your battery. This brush easily gets in every groove and quickly removes sulfuric acid, rust and build up all around the terminals! Battery terminal corrosion arises more often in cars that are not driven regularly, you may find that a greasy, dirty or corroded battery terminal can stop your car from starting.

This brush is made in the USA, and has a strong, sturdy construction. There are two brushes in this great little tool. Both brushes are made with rust proof high tensile brass bristles, and will quickly and easily clean the terminals and battery cable clamps. The first brush is the battery clamp brush, this brush is a tapered brush which will help remove dirt and battery acid from all grooves in the clamp, the brush is approximately 1 ?? in length. The second Brush is recessed in the handle, the wire brush also known as a battery post brush will quickly scrub off corrosion from battery terminals. The two brushes fit together making 1 unit for easy transport and storage, when stored together this tool is only 3 ?? in length

Features and Benefits:
  • Easily cleans both battery posts and battery cable clamps
  • Made with rustproof high tensile brass bristles
  • Stores together for easy storage, Product dimensions: L:4?, W: 2?, H:2?
  • Made in USA