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Back To Basics Electric Meat Grinder Pro

Back To Basics Electric Meat Grinder Pro

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The Back to Basics Electric Meat Grinder is perfect for grinding not only meat, but also fruits, vegetables and nuts. Included with the grinder are 3 plates to grind either fine, medium or coarse. It features a powerful motor, while the head, feed tube and auger are made of durable die cast metal. The grinder also features a built in circuit breaker to prevent motor burn-outs.

Make homemade sausages using the sausage stuffing attachments (also included with purchase). The three sausage stuffing tubes fit onto your grinder, allowing you to make delicious and fresh homemade sausage quickly and easily. The parts are detachable, making clean up simple. This electric meat grinder is perfect for grinding your fresh game and makes a great gift for the hunters in your life.
  • Great for grinding meat, vegetables, fruits and nuts
  • Includes fine, medium and coarse grinding plates
  • Sausage stuffing attachment included
  • Detachable parts for easy clean up
  • Product dimensions: 14? x 6.5?