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Back to Basics Apple/Potato Peeler (Clamp Grip)

Back to Basics Apple/Potato Peeler (Clamp Grip)

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Old Fashioned Favorites for Today's Lifestyles
The new Peel Away Apple/Potato Peelers turn a tedious chore into a fun, satisfying experience. The revolutionary peeling function of Peel Away will forever change the way you peel potatoes. Gone are the days of laboring over the kitchen sink with a pan of potatoes. Peeling is so quick and easy, you'll wonder why this product wasn't around years ago. And for apples, one easy operation peels, slices, and cores in seconds. Makes pies, fruit salads, and apple snacks fun and easy to do, not to mention the time saved when dehydrating or canning bushels of apples. Made of quality cast iron with stainless steel blades to last a lifetime. Choose the suction-base model for unmatched convenience, or the handy clamp-on style. Either way, the job is much more 'a-peeling' when using Peel Away!

Quality Features:
  • The clamp-on model No.A501 attaches to tables and countertops up to 2" thick. A rubber pad guards against marring.
  • The suction-base model No.A505 mounts firmly to smooth surfaces for hours.
  • The body lenth is longer than other peelers in order to peel potatoe as well as apples.
  • Durable baked enamel finish in attractive burgundy red color.
  • Spring tension on peeling arm automatically conforms to the size and shape of apples and potatoes for perfect peeling every time.
  • Thumb screw quickly releases corning slicing blade when peeling only.
  • Newly designed stainless steel 'loop blade' peels better and stays sharper for years. Easily replaceable.
  • Sturdy coring/slicing blade with stiffner for fast, safe release of apple core.
  • The 3-pronged fork is made of quality steel parts for durability. No cast aluminum used here.
  • Shaft grooves are spaced further apart, providing for a more desirable slice and faster peeling.
  • Durable cast iron body will not wear in critical areas as softer aluminum does.
  • Quality wood handle. No plastic parts.
  • More convenient lever design for easier release of shaft.
  • Thumb screw adjusts peeling blade in for thin or out for thicker peel.