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KitchenAid Lid & Cap (White)

KitchenAid Lid & Cap (White)

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This is a genuine replacement KitchenAid Blender Lid in white. The White KitchenAid Blender lid will include the clear plastic ingredient cap in the middle of the lid. This replacement blender lid is perfect for a melted, cracked or damaged lid. This lid will only fit the KitchenAid blenders where the lid pushes down into the jar, it will not replace the older lids where they twisted onto the jar, or had two ingredient caps.

This KitchenAid Blender Lid Assembly will fit the following models:
  • KSB5
  • KSB5-3
  • KSB5-4
  • KSB5SS-4
  • KSB3
  • KSB33
  • KSB3-3
  • KSB3-4


  • KSB3-0
  • KSB5-0
  • KSB550
  • KSB560
  • KSB580
If you are unsure this will fit your blender, please call customer service 800-339-9297