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Presto Body Handle - 85454

Presto Body Handle - 85454

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This replacement body handle is a genuine Presto replacement part. It fits the following pressure cooker / canner models: 703, 733, 803B, 833, B301A, B301B, 706, B601A, B602A, 02/PCA6H, B302A, C301A, 704, 804, 804B, B604A, B605A, C601A, B401A, 8401B, B403A, C401A, C401B, SC-35, C603A, S/66, 01/PCA6, S-60, 01/PCA4, 01/PCS4, 02/PCS4, 02/PCA4, 02PCA5H, 01/PCS6, 02/PCS6 and 02/PCA6. If you are unsure of the replacement handle you need, please refer to our Presto Pressure Cooker Parts Table.