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Presto Body Handle - 85453

Presto Body Handle - 85453

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This Presto replacement body handle is the direct replacement handle for the Presto pressure cooker / canner models listed in the table below.

Fits These Presto Models:
A403A PB01A 01/PCE4 A621A KE03AT
A403AD KE02AT 01/PCE4A A609A PB06A
A403AT PB05A 01/PCE4H A610A PB10A
A414A PB07A A603A A620A PB08A
A409 01/PCC4 A617 A611A PB11A
A410A 01/PCC4A A603AD A619 01/PCC6
A411A KE02A A614A A612 01/PCC6A
A412A 01/PCD4 A603AT A615 01/PCC6AD
A415A 01/PCC4D A608 A622 01/PCC6D
A413A 01/PCC4H A618 A613 01/PCC6H
A416A 01/PCD4H A607 A616 01/PCC6HD
A623 KE03A PB02A PB09A 01/PCE6
01/PCE6A 01/PCE6H 02/PCE6H