Lil Quad Wheels 77760-2119

Lil Quad Wheels 77760-2119

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Lil Quad Wheels 77760-2119Lil Quad Wheels 77760-2119

Genuine Power Wheels Lil Quad wheels, 77760-2119, will fit on All Power Wheels 6 Volt Pre School Series Quads made since 2002. The 77760-2119 wheels are black plastic tires made by Fisher Price, they will replace the old pink and purple quad wheels, part number J7825-2119 and N2892-2119. These wheels are in New, Unused condition and are original Power Wheels parts.

The 77760-2119 Power Wheels replacement tires are approximately 4" wide and 7 1/2" in diameter. This is the front and rear tire replacement for select models of Power Wheel's Lil Quad, Lil Kawasaki Pre-School Series vehicles. These wheels are sold individually, each will includes one push nut retainer cap for installation. The hubcap, rear wheel driver and front wheel bushing for this wheel are shown below, under the related items.

Will fit the following Power Wheels models:
  • 77760-9993 Lil Quad
  • 77767 Lil Barbie Trailrider
  • 77768 Lil Kawasaki
  • J7825 Dora Lil Quad-WALMART
  • K0451 Lil Baribe Trail Rider TRU
  • K0452 Lil KFX TRU
  • K4565 Diego Lil Quad
  • M5728 Batman Lil Quad
  • M7331 Lil Quad Restage
  • N2892 Barbie Princess Lil Quad
  • N8379 Lil Quad Pink (Target Exclusive)
  • T5003 Toy Story Lil Quad
  • V3710 Dora's Tenth Lil Quad
  • W6214 Kawasaki Lil Quad
  • W6215 Barbie Lil Quad
  • X0075 Batman Lil Quad
  • X3050 Camo Lil Quad
  • X3051 Princess Lil Quad
  • X3421 Lil Kawasaki TRU
  • Y1773 Red Kawa Lil Quad
  • Y4997 Minnie Lil Quad
  • Y5267 Camo Lil Quad
  • Y8639 Dora Lil Quad
If you are uncertain of the correct wheels for your vehicle, you will need to get the model # of your vehicle (found on a sticker, usually in the battery compartment) and refer to our Power Wheels diagrams section.