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Whirley-Pop Popcorn Popper

Whirley-Pop Popcorn Popper

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Whirley-Pop Popcorn Popper

The Original Whirley Pop Stovetop Popcorn Popper is a hand-assembled machine that makes 6 quarts of mouth-watering popcorn in just 3 minutes with as little as a teaspoon of oil! This popcorn popper prevents sticking and burning with a patented stirring mechanism to make sure every kernel pops.

  • 25-year warranty on all moving parts
  • Hard wood handle that stays cool to keep hands away from heat
  • Makes twice as much popcorn as a standard bag in the same amount of time

  • This popper makes popcorn melt in your mouth and the popcorn is always crispy and tender!