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Switch (Variable Speed With Reverse)

Switch (Variable Speed With Reverse)

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This Trigger switch has internal terminals and a forward/reverse lever. This authentic Milwaukee replacement part is sold individually.

Switches are commonly replaced parts in power tools. A switch handles all on/off and variable speed functions. They also have a role in electric breaking; they can momentarily reverse electrical polarity. Because switches use mechanical internals, they tend to degrade and wear out over time, eventually requiring replacement. Some common signs of a broken or failing switch are:
  • The tool will not start when you use the switch, or it requires multiple tries to turn on, until eventually it refuses to start at all.
  • The variable speed function and electric braking aren?t working properly.

  • Will Fit:
    0124-1 (SER 603B), 0224-1 (SER 574B), 0225-1 (SER 796B), 0232-02 (SER 923B), 0233-02 (SER 924B), 0233-20 (SER 924B), 0233-21 (SER 055A), 0234-1 (SER 532B), 0234-1 (SER 532C), 0234-75 (SER 987A), 0235-20 (SER 978A), 0235-21 (SER 056A), 0235-21 (SER 056B), 0244-1 (SER 664C), 5370-1 (SER 672-672B), 5370-1 (SER 672-672C), 5370-1 (SER 672-672D), 5370-1 (SER 672-672E), 5371-21 (SER 408A), 5371-21 (SER 408B), 5371-21 (SER 408C), 5374-1 (SER 715B), 5374-1 (SER 715C), 5374-1 (SER 715D), 5376-1 (SER 819B), 5376-1 (SER 819C), 5376-1 (SER 819D), 5376-1 (SER 819E), 6749-1 (SER 694B), 6793-1 (SER 695B), 6794-1 (SER 547B)